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You need a place where you can meet with people of like minds.
You are interested in learning how to make, keep and grow lasting wealth.

You want to cultivate the saving culture.

You are interested in leaving a legacy.

You need where you can borrow for the growth of your small business at a very friendly rate.
You want to position yourself where you can always be informed of what is new in business management and wealth creation.


The objectives of the society are to promote the economic interest of its members and especially:

To encourage regular savings amongst members so that each member may cultivate the habit of making savings at least once in every month, with a view to building up funds for his or her future use.

To undertake the supply of essential medicines and vitamins from Love Focus International Association Patterson, California, USA for the benefit of members’ health and physical well-being.

To stock consumers and producers’ goods for distribution and sales to members and nonmembers.

To seek loans for sustainable agriculture/processing and packaging of safe value-added
food products from banks, the cooperative circle and other financial institutions with the
consent of the members of society and the Director of co-operatives.

To undertake Real Estate operations for the benefit of members and the society.

To take other measures designed to encourage the spirit and practice of cooperation and self- help among members.

To operate warehouses and cold room facilities for the storage of these consumers and producers’ goods and let out these facilities to interested parties.

To acquire acres of land for sale or development for housing or industrial purposes for the benefit of members.

To encourage fixed deposits from members out of which a fund may be established for giving short-term loans to members.

To raise capital and do such other things as are necessary for the attainment of these objectives.

To help members set up self-help projects that are economical and viable.

To engage in any other economic or social activity as may be approved by the general
meeting of members.

To manage financial portfolios carefully by entering the stock market to invest in the stock and features market guided by the decision of members. In this way, the society shall become part owners in businesses that  produce goods and services that members buy.

Opportunity to travel to United States for free educational workshops on sustainable agriculture, self-help projects, credit and health. 

Feed the Future was born out of the belief that global hunger is solvable. As the U.S. government’s global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future is transforming lives toward a world where people no longer face the agony and injustice of extreme poverty, malnutrition, and hunger. To achieve this goal, Feed the Future agencies work hand-in-hand with partner countries to develop their agriculture sectors and break the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger.